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Drew Marshall Show radio interview


So, a little while ago I wrote this article titled “15 Things not to Say to a Recovering Fundamentalist,” and it sort of got a lot of attention. A lot of attention– way more than I ever could have expected. When it ran on the Huffington Post, Drew Marshall, who runs a radio show in Canada, read it and contacted me for an interview. I agreed, and went onto his show on October 5. I didn’t do much to promote it beforehand because I was pretty much scared out of my mind, but it’s up on his site now, free for all of you to listen. It’s under October 5’s “God Blogger.”

Please don’t judge me for how often I say “like.” It’s embarrassing.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Elmo

    The “like” thing. It takes practice but you can regain control of what you say. When it becomes important you will do it. I learned a lot about how I speak during the time when I was a sales rep and the company held contests where each of us had to get up in front of the others and deliver a sales presentation. They were taped so we could see ourselves and they were critiqued — sometimes harshly — by our peers (and their bosses).

    • I’ve been through done pretty severe training on avoiding “verbal tics” during my education major days. Turns out it’s something you have to keep in practice.

  • Carrie

    Gurl you on the radio. Eshet Chayil!!

  • Please don’t judge me for how often I say “like.” It’s embarrassing.

    It wasn’t all that bad. There was a short interval with several “like”s but that was not representative of the whole interview.

    Overall, I thought you expressed yourself well.

  • I loved the interview Samantha! I don’t think I would have noticed the ‘likes’ had you not pointed them out in advance. You did a great job in my opinion.

    If you are interested in speaking better (no matter what your current skill level), you might take a look at Toastmasters. I am sure there is one near you.

    BTW, this interview would be a great link for Progressive Christian Blogs community.

  • One of the most embarrassing things to discover as a lawyer was how bad the spoken word looks on paper. In court or in depositions, every word, every throat-clearing “like” is taken down by the court reporter. Reading a transcript the next day is painful. I feel your pain. Also, I grew up in “the Valley,” so “like” is a problem for me too…

  • Shannon

    Hello Samantha,

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet, though I’ll probably do so as soon as I’m done typing this out. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve spent the last few days reading your blog. All of it. Every post, in order… not sure what I’m going to do now with all my free time.

    I didn’t grow up in fundamentalist circles – i was raised Lutheran, but we really only went to church on Christmas Eve, and maybe Easter if the egg hunt finished early enough. That said, I think a lot of the things you critique/question/attack (and rightly so) are present in most forms of Christianity, to some degree or another… and especially in the dominant narrative of what it means to be a “good” Christian. As someone who is trying to figure out if I can even call myself a Christian, who is disgusted with much of what “religion” does in the name of Christ, I still find myself drawn to the man/god himself, his teachings, and most importantly for me, the way he lived his life. Thank you for helping me to think for myself and not just believe the lies I’ve been fed (some of which are the same as those you discuss, some not).

    • Wow. I know what it takes to read through all of that so fast. Make sure you take good care of yourself this week? A lot of what I write about is very draining, so do what you can to give yourself a break, if you can. Peace 🙂

  • Shannon

    PS: I especially love the way you use “academic” disciplines like literary criticism, and ideologies like feminism to re-examine the implicit and explicit assumptions in what you were taught. As an English/Creative Writing major, you speak straight to my heart.

  • Daisy Dial

    Fabulous interview. Well done!