Learning the Words: Guest Post Project
Legalism by Timothy Swanson
Safe by Claire Jones
Brainwashing by Jonny Scaramanga
Wisdom by Physics & Whiskey
Rights by Sheldon
Consent by me
Worldly by Melissa
Liberation by Way of Cats
Christian by Lana Hobbs
Dishonor by Lana Hope
Education by Georgia
Justice by Sarah Moon
Partner by Jonny Scaramanga
On Fire by April
Backslidden by LungFish
Love by Timothy Swanson
Curse Words by Dani Kelley
Abuse by Tamara Rice
Disorder by Airmid
Beauty by Boze Herrington
Godly Woman by Artemis
Conviction by Carol
Working Mother by Katy
Selfish by Cassidy

This series is open to submissions at any time, although I would appreciate it if you read the introduction to the series before submitting your post. Word limit is approximately 1,500 words, and you can send me your submission at Please include your name or a pseudonym, a brief bio, and your blog if you would like me to link to it.