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So I knew coming into this that seminary was going to throw a monkey wrench into the blogging works, and I was right. Because of that, I wanted to let y’all know that in the absence of blogging I’m still feeling the impetus to get my thoughts out there into the ether, and the best way for me to do that is what fancy internet folk are calling microblogging: ie: posting mini-posts to Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve posted a few thoughts on Facebook– one that’s my ruminations on being inspired by Witches, and another that digs into why I’m so repulsed by “Hillary the Enabler” arguments that have been stirred up in the wake of TapeGate. I also have a few threads over on Twitter– like this one about the “vote for Hillary because she’s the one who will REALLY do something about the abortion rate!” arguments that have popped up recently, or this one that explains why Trump attacking Hillary for her husband’s infidelity makes perfect sense to conservative evangelicals.

This week I’ve been working on an article for Rewire which hopefully I’ll be able to share with you soon, and then next week I’ll be on United’s campus for classes. I have a long list of post ideas just waiting for me to tackle them, which I think I’ll be able to get to next month because my life will have hopefully settled down by then. Mostly I just want this whole damn election to be over … which for Trump supporters is November 28. Clinton supporters and everyone who just wants to vote in local and state elections, we vote November 8.

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  • TheBrett

    Only about 4 weeks to go, thank goodness. I can’t wait for this election to be over as well and Hillary Clinton to be President (hopefully with a Democratic-dominated Senate and House).

    I’m tempted to just tune out after I vote by mail until November 8th, and ignore everything Trump-related. But I probably should do some activism and donations.

  • Jackalope

    I am a fan of everyone being able to participate in the creating of our democracy, and so would never knowingly mislead someone about when to vote. If Trump wants to tell his followers to vote November 28th, however, he is free to do so. I won’t argue with him!

    • spacegal2003

      The whole November 28 thing is getting a lot of play, but I don’t think it should. He slipped up when making a speech. Talk enough over a short period of time and you’re bound to make a mistake like that. Obama once said there were 57 states. There are enough substantive things to discuss we don’t need to make fun of him over an accidental slip.

  • Melody

    I like the tweet you did on Donald attacking Hillary for her husband’s faults. It does sound like all those Christian relationship books. It also reminded me of Anna Duggar being blamed for her husband’s faults. Whoever decided men are not responsible for their own actions?

    I do think that there is also the religious component in there somewhere, when there’s the cop-out for believers to say: the demons/devil made me do it. Sort of like Adam and Eve. “This wife you’ve made me, she’s to blame (for bloody everything).”