everyone, meet Elsa

So, I promised you all pictures of my new kitten if you were interested– and apparently you were. I don’t have very many yet (she is incredibly active when she’s not sleeping underneath something like the bed), but these at least show off what her coat looks like.

Also, we decided to name her Elsa because she came out from hiding while we were watching Frozen— the scene when Elsa finally realizes that she can open up to people and just love them. She came out from under the bed and wanted to be held and petted for about an hour. It was adorable.

elsa 4

elsa 5

 elsa 10

elsa 9

She’s what’s called a “smoke.” Her undercoat is completely snow white, but as it grows out it turns black. It’s fascinating when she moves because it sort of shimmers. She’s also still a kitten, and still growing. Siberians grow to be pretty large cats, and she doesn’t mature for another couple of years.

Now, if I can just convince her to keep her nails to her scratching pad/post instead of buried in my Michael Kors duvet cover . . .

Dogs are so much easier to train, folks.

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