sorry for the spam, everyone

A few of you, my lovely subscribers, let me know that they’d received an e-mail supposedly as part of their subscription to my blog that looked like spam. After looking at the e-mail, I discovered that it was content supposedly authored by “Preston,” who was the Flywheel support person who helped migrate Defeating the Dragons to samanthapfield.com.

I removed “Preston” as an administrator of my blog– I’d kept him on in case I needed any technical help, but obviously for security reasons he needed to be removed. I’ve also let Flywheel, my hosting service, know that “Preston” might have been hacked.

This post is just to let you know that I was made aware of the problem and I believe I have taken the necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If any of you receive further e-mails from my blog that look like spam, please let me know.

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  • Guest

    On the subject of you switching blog platforms, I’ve really missed the sidebar with blogs you read and articles you find interesting. Do you have any plans to bring that back? (Or, alternatively, create a tab at the top like where “projects” is or start tweeting articles you find interesting?)

    • I do occasionally tweet articles I find interesting. I’ve thought about doing a once-a-month “blogaround” type post that has everything I’ve found interesting, but have been hesitant to do that, as all the other blogs I read all link to the same base collection of articles and I haven’t wanted to add to the repetitiveness. If I read it and liked it, chances are Rachel Held Evans or the Slacktivist did, too.

      • Guest

        That makes sense. For me, your blog was where I found a lot of those articles and other blogs so it didn’t seem repetitive. I used your sidebar to find new blogs and to read more on topics you blogged about. 🙂

  • Monica

    Another spam message was sent out this morning, from drupal 7 Lynda torrent

    • Could you forward me the e-mail? samanthapfield@gmail.com

      • There have been a bunch of these. Getting rid of “Preston” really didn’t solve anything, so you probably should add him back after you figure out what the real cause of this is.

        • The research I’ve done says removing extraneous users and admins is extremely important to security, so I’m not adding him back. All of the earlier spam e-mails used “Preston” as the content author, so it seemed logical at the time that removing him would fix it.

          Flywheel is scrubbing the back end to make sure the malware isn’t coming from them, and I’ve banned the IP addresses that seem to be originating the attacks, so I’m crossing my fingers that should solve the problem. We’ll see.

          Thank you for your patience.

  • Joanna Marie

    I just received another one, forwarded to your email.

  • Lyf Stolte

    Just wanted you to know that I forwarded the ones I received today.

  • lupiter

    I got the spam via your RSS feed. It looks like something has gone rogue on your blog engine. I’m not sure what kind of hosting your using (fully managed or not) but probably best to check everything is up-to-date with the latest patches, and check the plugins you’re using haven’t been hacked. And, as you said, remove any spare accounts and reset passwords.

    Not fun! Thanks for jumping on it though.