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When I was writing my post “‘God is Done with You’: Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence“, I tried contacting four different departments at the school. All refused to speak with me, citing policy, and referred me to Amy Glenn, the Chief Communications Officer. It took me several days to reach her (she was out sick and very busy when she got back), but when I did eventually get in touch with her I asked her to confirm some very basic facts about the administration and their policies. When she got back with me, she stated that she could not answer most of my questions and that PCC did not comment on “blog-type articles.”

However, since the post has received almost 80,000 shares and climbing, I guess they decided to re-think that decision. They have released a statement:

PCC official statement

Pensacola Christian College is being harassed and victimized through recent online accounts. We have no way of verifying the unverifiable stories, but an exhaustive review of our records has revealed nothing to support these claims. Not only were such incidents never reported, but we categorically deny that any student has ever been expelled from PCC for being a victim of rape or any other crime.

The internet provides an open forum that allows unfounded assertions to be spread without proof. There seems to be no defense against such attacks getting started when someone has an agenda.

While we cannot speak for how well other institutions respond to victims of crime, PCC has upheld the law, will continue to uphold the law, reports criminal acts when we are made knowledgeable of them, and fully cooperates with any investigation. Further, the college, its administration, and counseling staff stand ready to support and assist victims.

Just to clarify a few points: first, the post made it clear that the reasons PCC had for expelling Beth, David, and Whitney were fornication, deceit, and impurity, respectively.

Also, as part of my research, I know that the last paragraph is absolutely false. One of the respondants was a PCC staffer who was expressly forbidden– by three people in the administration — from reporting a child sexual assault to the police and informed the staffer that they would not make a report. This was confirmed by other staffers. While this was not technically illegal at the time (it was 2011, before the 2012 change that makes every Florida citizen a mandatory reporter), it still flies in the face of what they claim here.

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  • Three paragraphs that say exactly nothing. Translation “boo hoo, you’re picking on us.”

    • Exactly!

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      And pat themselves on the head with “All who live Godly in Christ Jesus Shall Suffer PERSECUTION! PERSECUTION! PERSECUTION!”

  • Tamara Rice

    Well … unfortunately this will be their response until their bluff is officially called in a way that they can’t spin or run away from. I have dealt with all of this before with ABWE. They denied, denied, denied until victims and abusers were named and documents were produced. Then their next move was spin, spin, spin. They are still trying to wiggle their way out. These institutions are the lowest of the low. They will lie through their teeth and it’s one of the most appalling things to witness when you are a victim who knows the truth. My heart goes out to those victims tonight, because in denying their truth, PCC is victimizing them all over again. I hope the victims know they are not alone. Others have walked this hard path with many other similar organizations and schools. It’s ugly and difficult and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. Yes, it has actually been worse–for me–than my cancer. We can’t underestimate the wounds these denials inflict, no matter how much we all expected denials.

  • Does PCC even have a policy on how to deal with and report sexual assaults. This seems to be not a Christian college issue, but an IFB type issue. Although I am sure that other non IFB Christian schools are guilty of the same thing. I attend a small Christian college in Michigan, they have in their handbook for on campus students a sexual assault policy. That defines what rape is, not to do anything to destroy evidence and that they will cooperate with the police in all matters.

    • The Pathway (formerly The Student Handbook) states that the college has a “due process” regarding “harassment claims.” When I asked Amy Glenn what it was, she said she couldn’t tell me.

      • sta

        The statement about “due process” is interesting.

        Generally, due process only applies when the government (or, in this case, a government-like institution) is deciding whether to do something bad for you. Thus, a person accused of a crime is entitled to due process (a criminal trial with all the bells and whistles) prior to a conviction. Different levels of deprivation of rights will require different levels of due process–for a criminal offense, there is a very high level; for a civil taking of property, a lower one.

        But the victim of a crime doesn’t get “due process”. The term has no meaning in that context, because the government isn’t planning to take away some right or property from that person.

        This provides some insight into PCC’s institutional thinking. This is a “tell” that PCC focuses only on doing something bad to someone. There is no hint it plans to do anything good for the victim.

    • Christina

      I’m not sure if they have a policy on how to deal with sexual assaults. They didn’t have one when I went there. Even if they did have one, it would take a lot of courage to go to the administration there.

  • Scooter

    Why are you so determined to tear down an institution rather than bring to justice the men whom you’re accusing of raping/assaulting you?

    Also, if this school is open for investigation, as they stated, why should we assume they’re lying? Other IFB schools and such are trying to hide and have tangible support for accusations, while this school seems open.

    I’m so sorry for whatever you’ve experienced, but your motives and energies don’t seem accurately supported or wisely spent.

    • I am not “determined to tear down an institution.” I am trying to be hopeful that the new president, Dr. Shoemaker, will make changes based on what is going to be coming to light.

      And you know I’m not trying to “bring to justice the men whom you’re accusing”? Oh, right . . . because you don’t. You have no idea. I have been in communication with lawyers, victim advocates, and rape crisis centers for months now. I am doing everything I can to “bring him to justice.”

      • If you have the name of victims, which it seems you do they are posted in your article. You have become a mandatory reporter. Anybody that has real information is required to report. So it seems to me if you say PCC is not doing their job are you doing yours with the information you have received. Have you reported this on the abuse hot line and/or has someone reported then incident and is it in the hands of Law Enforcement 1-800-96ABUSE

        • Mandatory reporting only applies to child (or dependent, occasionally geriatric) abuse. Since these victims were adults when it occurred and when they confided in me, mandated reporting laws don’t apply here. Also, I’m not a citizen of Florida, and in my state mandated reporters are those who are employed in some form of child care.

        • Courtney

          Not reporting a rape is not the same thing as expelling someone for getting raped.

      • Andrea

        I have to admit, even though I know it was meant as a silencing barb, I kind of love the idea that you and you alone have the power to tear down an institution. It would be beautiful, like something out of a mythic painting . . . you, striding up to the gate, shattering the walls with one blow from your pen.

        I would hang that picture on my wall.

        As it is: your voice is being heard. You are ensuring that the voices of others are heard, too. Their stories are being told, their voices amplified, magnified and echoed around the world to the point that the people who have made it their life’s work to stifle, suppress and stop up are starting to get nervous.

        Which suggests to me that they have, perhaps, caught a glimpse of that picture too.

        • That was beautiful, thank you. My partner and I were comparing me to Aragorn riding out of Helm’s Deep to face the orcs… it’s a little bit melodramatic, but I like it.

        • Kreine

          I love the imagery of Samantha tearing down the institution, too!

          Valkyrie warrior, bedecked in armor, wings unfurled, sword of truth in hand…it is beautiful.

          Stay strong. You’re not alone. I’m sure you’re still getting spammed by detractors & rape apologists. It’s only because you kicked their nest & stinging, verbal barbs are their last defense.

    • Classic victim shaming. Go away, troll.

    • Pam

      This is one of the most horrible types of victim blaming in my opinion. You’re attempting to silence someone who has personal experience of sexual assault by questioning their motives. You’re basically saying that anger or hurt at being victimised disqualifies someone from talking about their victimisation. It’s abhorrent.

    • Stephanie

      Samantha, I do not know if you had a rape kit done or not, but I doubt that criminally anything could be done at this point with physical DNA evidence linking a sex crime. Being a rape survivor myself who did one and prosecuted my attacker based on that evidence, the process is vital. A rape conviction must be obtained based on that, not just word of one against the other.( This applies to any crime. ) I do think the best thing you can do at this point is speak to the media and see about suing PCC and your attacker civilly. I do not think putting rape under the heading of feminism, does any good. We need to get beyond the classic case of he/she said. Men get raped ( Im glad you made that point), women can rape and gays/lesbians can be raped and rape etc. Rape is about power and control, not sex. And I see it as a HUMAN rights issue, not a women’s rights issue.

      • Travis Lane


    • Because it’s an evil institution, and deserves to be torn down, plowed under and have the salt of humane civilization spread over its religious creep ashes. Ask yourself how you can help, (start by learning some grammar and spelling rules before you comment on blog posts) or we will tear you down along with your misogynistic “religion”.

      • “or will will tear you down along with your misogynistic ‘religion’.”

        Ok, don’t disagree with the concept of tearing down misogyny. Love that idea. I also think anger and frustration are completely legitimate reactions when you read a comment like that one.

        I don’t love threats, though, and this borders on threatening. I am happy that you’re here, and look forward to engaging with you more, but please abide by my comment policy.

        Thank you for your understanding.

  • c

    I speak somewhat prophetically and metaphorically right now–I believe this movement I see spearheaded by bloggers and organizations such as G.R.A.C.E. to bring these things into light, facilitated and possible due to the wonders of the internet and the level of information and communication it enables, is God moving to purify the bride his church, to further bring us into maturity and worthiness. These evils, this idolatry of appearances is very much the fruit of the spirit, the spirit of pride and self-reliance, the outcome of mistaken doctrine that must be purged from amongst us in slow and agonizing steps.
    Onlookers, the Spirit calls you to recognize the pattern so that when you are faced with this in your own church or ministry, you will have the courage and strength to stand up and rebuke it, to demand transparency and humility that are required of all. Only when many, many of us stand against each instance of concealment, small or large, that we hear of or know of, will this be eradicated. Only when we as a body reject the concept of favoring men that is hierarchy, and each embrace their gifts and place in the church and speak what is shown to them, can we become what we were created to be. May His kingdom come a tiny bit more each day.

    • Dani


    • Creepy AND ignorant. Maybe your (possibly) reasonable sentiments could be translated into English for those of us not living in a dysfunctional web of pre-medieval mythology.

      • Hi Carl!

        I’m not sure if you meant to reply to C or not (WordPress can get wonky) but I just wanted to let you know that I like to keep name-calling type statements out of my comments. 🙂 Saying things like “creepy and ignorant” to describe people isn’t allowed here.

        I try to keep this a safe place where people can disagree, but do so in a way that’s focused on the arguments we’re making, not what we think of each other personally.

        You can find the rest of my comment policy here:


  • Has the Pensacola News Journal or any other news outlet started investigating? Are the police investigating?

    • I have been contacted by reporters from several news sources in Pensacola, including the Journal.

      • Thank you. Wish I had heard you on the radio today. Will have to see if they archived it.

  • Tim

    They sure seem to make a lot of noise protesting without saying anything of substance. Good job staying with this.


    P.S. This reminds me the reports of the heresy and blasphemy involved in BJU’s victim “counseling” as well.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      My father used to say “Only a lawyer can talk for three hours and say absolutely nothing.”

      Looks like it’s not just Lawyers.

      • Tim

        You.do know I went to law school, right HUG?

  • Sam – your courage and strength are phenomenal. Keep speaking out. We are cheering you on, We have your back.

  • PCC_95_Grad

    Reading PCC’s response reminds me of one of the funniest scenes in the movie How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. “I call Bull$h!t”

  • Liz

    It’s almost eye-rolling-ly predictable to see them call themselves the victims. It is standard for an individual or institution that needs to maintain control to reverse the rolls and cast themselves as the poor, misunderstood, innocent, scapegoat.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      I read recently on the Web that one of the sure signs of a sociopath is the ability to get others to pity “poor poor Me”. Successful sociopaths are masters of camouflage (we only hear about the ones dumb enough to get caught), and one of the tactics when exposed is to groom third parties to paint the victim as the aggressor and the sociopath abuser as the Poor, Misunderstood, Innocent Scapegoat/VICTIM.

  • Tamara Rice

    Oh, a PS. You probably already know to do this, Samantha, but screen shot everything on PCC’s website that they state about this matter.

    It is really important to keep screenshots of exactly what they say, the date, the web address, etc., because they will (I have no doubt) eventually change their tune, even if it’s just ever so slightly. You will be very glad later that you have irrefutable evidence that they categorically denied everything today. Because the minute they stop denying–IF that day comes–the evidence that they ever did will vanish from THEIR website immediately. Scrubbing every denial and insensitive statement will be the first move in their PR recovery effort and spinning once they realize this is a tide they can’t turn back.

    • Courtney

      This x100! The second they think they might have to face actual (i.e. legal or social) consequences for their actions, anything that could be used to refute their new claims will disappear. Make sure you have screenshots and/or physical copies of everything, including the emails you were sent.

      I’m one of the many who wholeheartedly supports what you’re doing. It takes incredible courage, and I truly believe that this kind of visibility will prevent others from going through the painful experiences you and the other students went through. Thank you so much to all of you for speaking up. They can cry victim all they want, but there are those of us out here who believe YOU. We know the truth.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      Because the minute they stop denying–IF that day comes–the evidence that they ever did will vanish from THEIR website immediately. Scrubbing every denial and insensitive statement will be the first move in their PR recovery effort and spinning once they realize this is a tide they can’t turn back.


      • pcc95grad

        Headless….that’s the first thing I did. lol

  • Thank you for your stance on justice! I graduated from PCC and I can truly say that they are not known to show much grace to any student. There were too many rules to count, and when one was broken, there were always demerits/penalties to follow when found out. But not only that, there was much injustice done to students who didn’t deserve it, even if they had broken a little rule.
    I would love to hear more about any other evidence you can find on this issue.

    • I knew a girl who went there for 2 years, and in her first week was given demerits because her family allows their adult children to have a sip of wine during their yearly Passover meal, and they considered that a “history of alcoholism”.

  • Hey you.

    Yeah, you.

    You’re pretty awesome. I just found out about your blog through a friend who posted your article on the PCC and I’ve been scouring your page for the past couple of hours. I’m very impressed and find a lot of your writing quite thought-provoking.

    I’m gonna hang out here more often. Thought I’d let you know.

  • Well, that didn’t take long. PCC’s officials certainly must be feeling the heat. I really have to hand it to them – that’s one astonishingly heavy-handed and insensitive statement, given the accusations the school faces.

    I’m sure you know the following already, but nonetheless:

    1. Watch out for defamation lawsuits. People/organizations with money often take the “we’ll shut you up or bleed you dry while we try” approach against individuals and small media organizations.

    2. If you don’t already have copies of documents that bolster your story (i.e., police reports, medical records from the victims you spoke with, etc.), get them ASAP. I know a lot of what you’re researching isn’t public information, but when researching records that are (or are supposed to be) public, SPJ’s Journalist’s Toolbox http://journaliststoolbox.org/ is a great resource and their state/local government resources page has a lot of links that might be useful for you. The Digital Media Law Project’s “Practical Tips” section – http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/practical-tips-getting-government-records – also offers some very helpful sites, suggestions, and warnings. Sunshine Week is next week, so there will probably be lots of stories all over the web that will lead you to other such sites. And I agree w/Tamara’s suggestion about screenshots.

    3. Back up your notes, recorded interviews, and all other pertinent documents and information in multiple ways. If you can afford a safety deposit box, keeping copies of your most important or controversial records there can be a good idea. Natural disasters and accidents can wipe out everything you have on a story if you keep everything in one building. And unfortunately, vandalism does sometimes occur when you’re covering a controversial subject.

    I wish you the very best as you move forward.

    • Dragoness Eclectic

      1. Watch out for defamation lawsuits. People/organizations with money often take the “we’ll shut you up or bleed you dry while we try” approach against individuals and small media organizations.

      If they try to pull that kind of crap, be aware of this site: http://www.popehat.com. It’s the hang-out of a bunch of 1st-Amendment-loving lawyers who just love to smack down “censorious thugs” who try to abuse the law to shut down criticism.

      • Headless Unicorn Guy

        People/organizations with money often take the “we’ll shut you up or bleed you dry while we try” approach against individuals and small media organizations.

        Fair Game Law, Scientology.

      • Govern yourselves accordingly!

  • “We have no way of verifying the unverifiable stories,”

    Good redundancy there PCC. That in NO way smacks of desperate attempts to save your image. Nope. not at all, nor sirree.

    I’m also not surprised they wouldn’t tell you what “due process” was, because it’s probably different for each student depending on how much they’re paying in tuition, whether they’re related to/know anything high up in the administration, whether their ATTACKER knows anyone high-up in the administration or has an important ‘name’ or a legacy donation riding on their attendance, etc and so forth. And saying “Well… we change it depending on if we like you and how much money you give us” wouldn’t exactly uphold that Christian image there.

  • Aureliano Buendia

    I was led to this site some months ago when Fred referenced your series on abortion, and since then I’ve visited several times a week. Sam, you are brave and courageous. You’ve picked a tough road, and I have no doubt that some will try to make it even tougher. I’m not a Christian but I find that you, Fred, and RHE represent some of the best and most moral people I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Please know that for every hurtful comment slung your way, there are ten times as many (often silent) supporters cheering you on.

  • DCFem

    I have been hanging out here for a little while but never commented until now. I just want to support the work that you are doing and encourage you to persist in spite of the push back from your more powerful enemies. And please document everything. If you recall, the Catholic church initially started out with the “you can’t prove anything” line just like PCC. The truth will win out, but it needs the help of people like you to give it some daylight.

  • Mandy L

    Well, clearly this “response” was either drafted by an attorney, or overseen by one. They cleverly didn’t address the actual accounts of the students who were kicked out so that they could address the trauma directly and sidestep the reasons they gave students for kicking them out. Classic PR/legalese two-step.
    Note to PCC – If it happened, deal with it transparently, because whatever you avoid ALWAYS comes back to you again, bigger than before. If you truly want to emulate Christ, get healthy.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy


  • Carol

    I don’t have anything to add–just wanted to say thanks for doing this story!

  • Please, if you see this comment. Please email me at amscott1205@gmail.com. I emailed the school inquiring about your article, your stories, your claims, amd received the same non-sense. I’m interested in aiding you shed light on the blatant mishandling of sexual assault at this school. My name is Anthony Scott and I am a student at the University of West Florida. I would love to get in contact with you

  • Chris

    It seems like such a transparent spin, too — there’s no solid defense, no actual response to accusations, nothing. It boggles me how anyone that isn’t already invested in supporting the college could be deceived.

    I’ve been here a few weeks now via slacktivist — I’d like to thank you for sharing your experiences and bringing attention to these issues. It’s motivating me to look at my college — and myself — and see what I can do to promote compassion and justice for survivors. In the case of my college, though, I might have to say either “get out” or “stay away” — this place doesn’t have a history that I know about (although I’ve heard a rumour about a student expelled for being gay), but it follows the same toxic, unsafe patterns coming to light in other Christian schools. This stuff has to change.

  • Michael P

    Back the F up: “expressly forbidden from reporting a child sexual assault”?

    To the Special Hell with them.

  • Stephen

    Are any of the people that did these terrible things to these people in prison or jail and even been accused of anything?

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      No. Some of them are now Pastors and Elders.

  • iwinintheend

    It befuddles me that, if we are to believe this story, the attacker was not arrested. I mean, rape kits are standard procedure when a rape victim goes to the hospital. The police report?? Smells like a rat. I mean a homosexual gang rape? Really? No one heard it taking place in the dorm? There’s four to a room in most instances. If this happened to my kid, PCC wouldn’t have to expel him, I would yank him out ASAP. The police would be with me at the campus. This seems to be a smear campaign.

    • Ok, first of all, please read my comment policy before continuing in this conversation. Fred Clarke doesn’t moderate his comment section; I do.

      I’m going to say this once. If anyone continues making this argument, I’m not publishing it.

      First of all: based on the original post, you have absolutely no basis to say that “the attacker was not arrested.” I didn’t say either way, and I did that intentionally. My article was focused on how PCC responds to victims, not about the criminal justice system in Escambia County. I also expect commenters to educate themselves: out of ALL reported rapes, not even a third are arrested, and only a tenth even see a day in prison (and usually serve a prison sentence shorter than five years).

      The only thing a rape kit can prove is that there was DNA evidence present, and DNA evidence can be present in consensual AND non-consensual sex. The only thing it can establish is “a penis or a vagina was here.” That’s it.

      In David’s case, he was in a smaller dorm room and he only had 2 roommates and he was gagged, which I stated in the original post.

      • PCC_95_Grad

        Good for you Sam. I was getting ready to let iwinintheend know that I did live in the dorms at PCC and his assumptions are incorrect. There is plenty that can be done in the dorm rooms without anybody ever hearing or knowing.

  • How do we communicate with you in a non-public way? I would like to discuss something with you. I am a PCC graduate.

  • Oldguy

    I went to Kindergarten at Pensacola Christian School almost 47 years ago. The following is my personal opinion, based on my experience there: That year was enough insanity to last a lifetime.

    The level of perverse abuse heaped upon children there was beyond description—all seemingly couched in the belief they were saving our souls and keeping us from damnation.This noble goal was (in my opinion) so perversely administered to the students that it would have perhaps been easier to have grown up in a 17th century Puritan Colony.

    For instance: almost every day, I would watch helplessly as my classmates “flew” (they were yanked into the air out of their chairs by one arm for some perceived infraction (sin), taken to the office for paddling and being told what horrible sin they had committed that had made it necessary to convince them of their sin (usually a mistake on their papers –they called it “disrespecting authority”, or misunderstanding and misstating instructions when asked to repeat them –they called it “lying”!) We, as 5-year- olds, were told that our hearts were “black with sin” because of these infractions, and that if Jesus were to return while we were at school, our parents might be taken to Heaven without us! (Separation anxiety, anyone?)

    Their behavior produced such severe anxiety in me (and in my classmates) that involuntary urination and vomiting during “dressing down” times became almost the norm. I remember telling my mother every day before school: “I know its going to be me today”. She was genuinely baffled by my fear (most parents could not imagine the truth of the situation), but one day—it WAS me! I “flew” to the office. My infraction? The teacher marked with a red pen in two places on my paper by accident—and I chose the wrong one to write my letters next to. For this, I was berated for “lying”, paddled (twice in a day until I told them the “truth” they wanted to hear), and instilled with severe anxiety for the next 4 school years (I eventually outgrew it in a normal school, but obviously have never forgotten it).

    My point in recounting all of that is that I have had nearly 50 years to contemplate the goings on at that school and have come to the conclusion that they were not INTENTIONALLY evil—but in their fear-based, ignorant efforts to save us with their ultra-legalistic, graceless attitudes— they were nonetheless evil. Staggeringly so. So, while it breaks my heart to hear of these very serious and horrible incidents at the college, the response of the cult-like administration there is absolutely no surprise to me.

    It is truly sad. Yet, I hope they one day discover the true Grace of God.

  • I’m amazed at the negative push back you have been receiving. You didn’t even identify PCC as the school you attended until very recently. I believe that you did your best to verify the accusations, and that you did due diligence and research prior to your posts. You always do. We’ve got your back.

  • This needs to be taken to the police, or a more powerful, humanitarian organization that has the power to get this administration sent to prison, where they belong!

  • Chris

    Every time someone tries to say to make sure your reporting is balanced, or they try to see both sides of the story, everyone condemns them as “victim shaming” or trolls or trying to apologize for the rapist or the institution. Well, that’s not fair. Calling for a balanced report is not saying the victim was wrong or at fault, its making sure that all truth is reported, not just the truth that the reporter wants everyone to hear. It’s starting to sound like a witch hunt to me, instead of a credible piece of investigative reporting. I was there 5 years a student and 1 on staff, and I never heard of any kind of sexual assault. I knew people who had sex on purpose, planned it and met their partner in different places, and got expelled when they were caught, though. I just hope your goal here is honorable and not to get noticed in the journalistic world, and you really need to make sure all your examples are true and have some proof to back it up. Otherwise, what you are trying to accomplish will get lost in the mess of accusations of libel, etc., and the good or reforms that you claim you are trying help establish will be tossed aside.

    • I did everything I could to get PCC’s perspective. I called them every day for a week and no one would talk to me except Glenn and she refused to answer almost all of my questions. It’s really difficult to put “______” into an article. If they wanted their perspective shared, well, then, they should have shared it.

    • The problem with the never ending quest for balance is that it tends to end in imbalance because sometimes things are true.

      • sunnyside

        I wish there were likes here. You did a great job, Samantha. Given the subject matter and how personal this issue is for you, I thought you were more fair than you really had to be. What’s really more important, the truth or a manufactured “balance” about circumstances that clearly put some students at a disparity? You’re advocating “balance” for those students.

  • sharon

    This is no longer simply a matter of self-preservation. This is pure evil.

  • You know, I nearly went to PCC. More glad than ever that I did not. Samantha, given your experiences, I know this kind of thing and dealing with all the nonsense it brings must be really hard on you. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for the victims mentioned in your story either. You are doing a good job though — keep up the good work. I am a recovering fundie as well, and your posts, along with folks like Fred Clark, have really helped me frame out and navigate my own story.

  • Quoting you “you have absolutely no basis to say that “the attacker was not arrested.” There is a logical basis for this, through inductive reasoning.

    The basis is how unbelievable that a criminal charge of aggravated rape would not affect a student’s career at any college, let alone a bible college like PCC. ( This doesn’t of course, mean that PCC did not do something “unbelievable”, because they do many things outside of the norm, but the story was he not only didn’t face expulsion, but he faced no consequences, later clarified by you to mean no consequences from the college. )

    If the police did not take the case seriously or the prosecutor charge him, this could be explained by a problematic case with weak, contradictory, or mitigating evidence.

    That’s why it “derails” people like myself otherwise very sympathic to the claims that PCC unfairly blames women students for abuse.

  • Este

    Reddit has discovered your blog in the last couple hours, so at this point it will be extremely difficult for PCC to bury this with more legalese. The Internet has your back on this.

    • I have been looking at reddit, but can’t find this blog there. Care to post a link.

  • James Blackhawk

    I find it interesting that in all of this we still don’t have the full story. I want your sources. How do you know they didn’t follow the law? That they didn’t report it? If your going to do a investigation you need too produce something, there are other sources expect going too the school or calling the school for answers.

    • Nope. I promised them anonymity, and I will not do anything to jeopardize their safety. If you don’t believe that I’ve been in contact with the Escambia County sheriff and records department and have established the veracity of these stories, that’s fine. You don’t have to believe me. But I will not endanger the people who have confided in me.

      • Friend

        Amen! I’m Glad you said it Ms. Samantha Field. People have grown so evil these days, it just shows how foolish they really are, and even more when they keep speaking negatively against the truth. Keep up the good work! Rely on God! He will help you through in Jesus’ Name. In Christ Alone and in no one else but Him, Anonymous

  • watruthinking

    It seems — PCC — that the honest, honorable, approach would be to admit that, unfortunately, we all live in a fallen world, that not all of the students who attend PCC are sprinkled with holy water by the Pope, that PCC — like most other institutuions — is unfortunately not immune to the unfortunate consequences of sin by their students (and possibly faculty and administrators — I doubt that any of them are sinless, or was God’s Word lying when it says all have sinned?).

    The honest response, PCC, is that there HAVE been issues with rape on the PCC campus, and that, honestly, they may not have been handled with the charity and integrity one might expect from a truly Christian campus. Rather, they have been handled unkindly by a pretentious so-called “christian” educational (?) enterprise that’s more afraid of tarnishing its reputation than honoring Christ.

    To say there have been no such incidents is to lie. And we all know who’s the daddy of a lie, now don’t we? So if he’s the daddy, doesn’t that make you the fornicated offspring?

    The truth will find you out — but keep pretending as long as you can … it keeps us and satan entertained ( … and Jesus weeps).

    Oh — and if you don’t like being harassed by the truth, try aligning with it instead of opposing it.

  • XPh]i[les

    I went to PCC very briefly in 1999, it was a summer and one semester, if I had not stronger faith I would have walked away from Christ a long time ago after that, it put me in a downward spiral of depression that was augmented by my abusive filled past…I mostly recovered but will never forget PCC, funny how something that lasted a few months can change your life.

  • Peter Damian

    Bob Jones Unicersity, PCC and others should be closed down and all their leaders arrested and prosecuted.