Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence

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It’s been almost a month since I asked for your help in exposing at least one of the problems at Pensacola Christian College: how they respond to and treat victims of sexual violence. Thank you, everyone– without you I could do nothing, and your help means everything to me. We worked together on this one.

Since then, I’ve been interviewing dozens of people and drafting articles, and I’m incredibly proud of all the brave, fierce, wonderful, magnificent people who told me their stories. Every single last one of you has my gratitude.

While I wasn’t able to find a major news source willing to publish it, Fred Clarke at the Slacktivist allowed me to do a guest post for him. I am excited that Clarke was willing to be a part of this project, and I think his platform will help get the story out. As Mr. Universe would say, “You can’t stop the signal.”

You can read the post here.

Now that it’s out, I want to ask you all for yet another thing: to help get this story out. If you’re the kind that uses social media, please think about sharing it. Talk about with people you know. If you hear someone considering to attend a college like this, please let them know about it. I couldn’t have a blog without you, and this story can’t go anywhere without you, either.

As a part of this process, I was extremely honored to be interviewed by Grace Wyler for her article at Vice, which I am proud to be a part of.

Again, thank you.

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  • Tamara Rice

    Thank you for continuing the rally cry with this issue, Samantha. The Vice article was so good. I am so saddened that evangelical journalism continues to gloss over the real accusations in these situations. They do the bare minimum … reporting on investigative teams hired and fired, charges filed, or court orders. So thankful that bloggers and so-called “secular” news outlets are more interested in sharing what the accusations really are in these cases, because the accusations/allegations/stories are shocking. I think a great deal of people–even many alumni from these schools–don’t even understand what the allegations actually are.

  • Don

    I shared it from Fred’s site on Facebook. I have posted other stories about the prevalence of violence against women at Universities in the USA but this one has institutionalized it.

  • I was saddened, but not surprised, to see the victim-blaming come out exactly like the examples you posted about. The same arguments to the letter.

  • I’ve linked to my facebook page, added your blog to my sidebar and posted about it. I have a few followers. We’ll get the word out one way or the other.

  • Tanya

    Thank you for writing this and standing up for all those who have been hurt. My heart bleeds for these victims. I can’t believe how student life distorted God’s truth. I pray God will surround each victim with his love.

  • Shared via Twitter. I’ve heard similar (though not as egregious) stories about the conservative Bible college in my town. I do have a question, however: is there any chance Beth would allow you to post a version of her police report or even her clinic medical report with her name redacted? The police report at least should be publicly available. It wouldn’t completely stop the victim-blaming and doubting, but at least in that case you’d have a paper trail documenting her injuries.

    To me it appears that closed religious or cultural situations in which abuse is rampant and abusers are protected because those in power are invested in keeping victims quiet present difficulties somewhat similar to those the government faced for years in trying to fight the mafia. It took the RICO Act to give the government the tools to beat the mafia as a system rather than by simply trying individual cases against individual (and usually lower-level) mob members on an individual crime basis. This kind of situation may require a similar evolution in law.

  • I am so thankful that you are sharing these stories. They need to be heard. Beth’s story needs to be heard for the stories like hers that haven’t been shared. I didn’t go to a Christian college but I was raped and didn’t report it and wish I did because I know I was set up and that I wasn’t his only victim.
    You are so brave, so brave.

  • A Romanski

    In a story published last week, the author said that you were raped twice by your ex-fiancé while you were a student at PCC. Since that took place away from your college, where was it, at a home in the city there or at a hotel?

    • That is absolutely none of your business.

      I have very good reasons for not sharing that.

      • A Romanski

        Sincerely, I meant no offence. In the tragic accounts of Beth and David in your article, you included the locations of their assaults. In seeing that your own account did not, I was afraid that your detractors may point out that missing detail.

        • I experienced multiple assaults on campus in dozens of places. It has been an exhausting day, and I am under no obligation to hash all of my assaults all over again in order to list them all out.

          • A Romanski

            Yes, you’ll need to rest in preparation for any reporters who may contact you; they won’t back down in seeking out answers.

        • Snow

          Why does it matter — to you or to “detractors”? What difference would the location make?

          (You may want to read the post about victim-blaming, in case you’re not clear on why I’m asking why it matters.)

  • Rickie

    Did you edit this post and remove information since yesterday?

    I swear it had more details.

  • Don’t let criticism from those defending PCC be a discouragement to you. If you have the truth on your side then the truth will conquer.

  • ABG

    I was expelled from PCC with plenty of “Christian love” and with good reason. Your articles are more story telling with no objectivity but with severe partially against the college. What do you honestly hope to gain from this exposure?