Coalition for Responsible Home Education


I wanted to take the time to introduce all of you to a new non-profit organization. Many of my friends have sacrificed time and resources to make this a reality.

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education

OUR MISSION is to raise awareness of the need for homeschooling reform, provide public policy guidance, and advocate for responsible home education practices.

OUR VISION is for homeschooling to be a child-centered educational option, used only to lovingly prepare young people for an open future.

I encourage you to check out the website– it is amazing. People like Heather Doney, Rachel Coleman, Kierstyn King, and R. Stollar (among others) created this amazing resource, and I believe in their mission. Homeschooling can be a wonderful thing– or it can be something used to create nightmares out of children’s lives. CRHE doesn’t exist to put an end to homeschooling, or to make homeschooling more difficult. It exists to protect the children that no one else has noticed.

CRHE was created to educate and inform citizens, lawmakers, and service providers about protections homeschooled children and youth require to ensure that they receive an adequate education and preparation for adult life.  We are committed to providing resources, conducting research, and promoting policy to protect homeschooled children and youth from falling through the cracks if their parents or guardians are unable or unwilling to responsibly educate them.  We are a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that the interests of the homeschooled child are respected alongside the interests of the homeschooling parent.

I hope you have a few minutes to look over the website and see what they have. See if you can recommend it as a resource. Ask if homeschooling families you know have heard of it. Maybe put links on your facebook, twitter. If you’re part of a homeschool co-op, talk about it. Spread the word.

Also, please consider donating (link at the bottom of their page). I’ve never tried to use the space I have here to ask anyone for their money, but I believe that this is an organization worth supporting. They’re just beginning– which means start-up costs. Everyone involved is not getting a penny: it’s a labor of love. But, if CRHE is going to be effective, money is going to be necessary, and soon.

Thank you for taking any time you have to get the word out.

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  • As a professional web developer: that clip art. Nightmares.

    The rest of the website seems pretty awesome, though!

  • This is unrelated to this entry, but I have a question for Samantha that is related to her homeschooling series, specifically about a theological position of the curriculum. In my experience watching A Beka videos, it seemed to me that the Bible teachers there are very much into the total depravity concept to the extent that they actually overstate how much human beings generally suck. They would harp on how bad and sinful humans are, but I found that in the real world, average people are not usually as evil as A Beka made them seem. Do you feel that is an accurate portrayal of what they taught, or did I just read too much into it?

    • That seems pretty accurate to me. It was a pretty heavy theme in Bible and history videos.

  • notleia

    I guess this is going to be my Christmas charity this year. Normally I’m crappy about donation, especially because I’m a minimum wage slave and live with my parents, but I like these people and what they do. Though it makes for a less awesome story than sending a random stranger some angry bees for Christmas (heifer.org).