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So, there’s this thing called facebook.

I decided to take the leap and start a page for my blog there. That, initially, was a little scary. But, now, it’s kinda cool. It’s helpful, for me, because I’ve already had a few conversations with people who don’t seem to read my blog, but were interested in discussing articles or videos I put up.

Oh, right– it’s not just for my blog. Anytime I find something cool or thought-provoking around The Great and Mighty IntraWebs, I put it up there (without being a spammer. 2-3 posts a day, tops). It’s a place for “Honest, open, intelligent discussion and community about purity culture, feminism, Christian fundamentalism, the Quiverfull and Patriarchy Movements, homeschooling, spiritual abuse, and Christian cults.” So, basically everything I talk about here, plus what other people say about the same stuffs.

You could also post interesting things you find. That would be exciting, actually. It could be anything from “look, someone else who agrees with us,” or “look what this crazy person did or said!” I also welcome cat pictures.

Also, and this is probably the one thing that matters to me the most– the way that facebook works, when you “like” a page, and if your settings allow this, then something I post might show up in your friend’s feeds.

I realize that could be a serious thing for you to decide to do. Not all of my readers are in places where facebook is a safe enough place for them, and I understand that. But, I’d like the opportunity for my story to get spread around a little bit more. Not because I care about page views (at least, not much), but because I want this blog, and therefore my page, to be a place where people can come and learn. Maybe the crazy stuff I talk about here isn’t familiar to them, or maybe it is.

So, if it’s something you feel comfortable doing… like my page?

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